Let's take a simple example where your CIO says "I would like to have our users notified by email when an ITSM record is assigned to them."

Seems simple enough, Create a workflow that fires on Assignment to a User and ensure there are four workflows. One used for on INC, Service Request, Problem, and Change request. Once the record is assigned send an email.

Here is where it gets tricky...If you simply leave the (assignment) as the trigger then send the email this workflow is going to fire if you assign it to a team, which may not have an email address defined and when it is assigned to the user. Easiest way to achieve the desired result Provance ITSM is create a Child workflow on the Ticket Entity.

Remember in your Provance ITSM training that we use the ticket entity to sync various field from the ITSM record so we can perform task such as this.

Do no specify a trigger. We will create the triggers in a parent workflow. but let's stick to the child right now.

1. Add a step in your workflow so we can specify the exit.

Should be like this:

If Owning Team (Team):Team Name contains data, then, 

Stop the Workflow.

Select that branch and let's add another step for the email send

Otherwise, if Owning User (User):Full Name contains data, then:

Send Email: (Email)

You can either create a new email with dynamic values or use a template.

!Be sure to set the regarding correctly. Since we are using the ticket we can add all the ITSM Records to the regarding by looking at the following relationship fields in the Dynamic Assistant!

  • Converted Change Request
  • Converted Incident
  • Converted Problem
  • Converted Service Request

2. Create your Parent workflows on the desired entities and specify the child workflow we just create.

Now on the Incident we are going to have this fire on Assignment.

  • Why you may ask? Once the ITSM Recordis created we lock all the fields and use a background process to syncronize fields from the incident to the ticket. This allows us to report off the ticket entity and do cool stuff like this. We can build smaller workflows but have the ticket perform the intersect between all the other ticket types.

Select Add Step and then Start Child Workflow and call the child workflow we created before.

3. (Optional) Rinse and repeat for other ticket types you want this assignment notification to be performed on

Conclusion: By having workflow trigger on the ITSM record the checks have time to complete after the sync plugin runs; the result is the workflow is triggered once and email is sent once.



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