Provance IT Service Management (ITSM) is licensed on a Dynamics 365 user basis; specifically those individuals that have access within Dynamics to Provance ITSM entity records (including read access). This includes Dynamics users like system administrators and any user assigned one of our Provance ITSM security roles or a custom role which includes our Provance ITSM entities. 

Note: Portal users are contacts and not Dynamics users, so portal users do not consume any Provance ITSM licenses.   

To decrease the number of licenses being consumed, view the users that have Provance ITSM access rights based on security roles and then remove the role(s) from the targeted user as needed:

  • To see all non-administrative users with Provance ITSM roles: Create a view by doing an advanced find on Users and select security roles and "name contains ITSM" as a criteria OR
  • if you know the user you want to target just go to the Enabled Users view

Open a targeted user up from the list and click on the Manage Roles action to change the roles the user is assigned. 





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