Applies to: Provance 2012 IT Asset Management (V2.0) and Provance 2012 Data Management Pack (V2.0) licenses.

On Service Manager Consoles with Provance 2012 installed, the Provance Product Licensing module will display both the Provance 2012 (V2.0) Data Management Pack and IT Asset Management licenses.



On occasion it may become necessary to change your Provance 2012 license(s). This is accomplished using the Provance Product Licensing module in your SCSM Administration Console.

  1. From within the Service Manager Console Navigate to the Administration/Provance Product Licensing/All Provance Product Licenses module.
  2. Select the License and click Remove Provance Product License.
  3. Click Add Provance Product License.
  4. Ensure that I want to activate the software over the internet is selected and click NextNote: In the event you have been provided a Provance License file (.bin), select I have a license file I want to install, then browse to and select the license file to apply.
  5. Enter the new license and Click Next.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Refresh the screen.