After having installed Provance 2014 successfully, where the Provance 2014 ITAM License successfully activated during the installation, when you attempt to access Provance functionality within the Service Manager console, the console either crashes or a yellow or blue dialogue is displayed indicating that Authorization Failed or License Expired.

Troubleshooting Provance Services Web Services

First, in your IIS Manager, are the BFAServicePool and the ProvanceDefaultPool application pools started? Is their identity set to the Provance Service Account that you provided during setup?

Are each of the Provance Services, Asset Service, BFA Service, Common Service, Database Service, and Logging Services started?

Next, select Provance Services from the Sites menu and click on Basic Settings in the Actions Pane.

Click the Test Settings button.

Do both of the tests pass?

Select Provance Services Web Site and click Browse *.9022 (http)  under Browse Website in the Actions Pane. Then repeat for each of the services underneath the Provance Services. Each time you browse to one of the services a Web Browser should open displaying a similar message to the one below.