Applies to: Provance 2016 Standard and Enterprise

On Service Manager Consoles with Provance 2016 installed, the Provance Product Licensing module only display Provance ITAM 2012 and Data Management Pack (V2.0) licenses. This is expected behavior.

Root Cause:

The licensing paradigm of Provance ITAM 2016 (V3.1) has changed from that of Provance ITAM 2012 (V2.0). In fact the Provance Product Licensing module only exists in a Provance ITAM 2016 installation when the Provance DMP (V2.0) tool is also installed.

The essential reason is that Provance licensing is stored and used differently in Provance ITAM 2016. New classes have been created to facilitate the new paradigm. They are separate and distinct from the old classes that exist to support the DMP tool.


Note: Before updating, repairing or making significant changes to System Center Service Manager

or Provance, read and follow the Best Practices for Applying Service Packs, Hotfixes and Security Patches.

Changing the Provance 2016 ITAM License

  1. Re-installation of the Provance ITAM 2016 (Std or Ent) license key is done through the Upgrade/Repair processes.
  2. Copy the Provance 2016 installation media to the server on which it is to be installed.
  3. Double click on Provance 2016 CU# HF# - 3.1.####.#.exe to launch the Upgrade/Repair utility.
  4. Click Setup.
  5. Select Change, Repair or Remove Features of Provance Products for System Center Service Manager.
  6. Enter the new license key and click Validate, then click Next.
  7. Click Next again.
  8. Click Close.