Uninstall Provance ITAM 2014 or Provance 2016

Applies to: Provance ITAM 2014/2016 Standard and Enterprise

On occasion, it may be necessary to uninstall Provance ITAM 2014/2016 from your SCSM Management server. The following procedure will assist you with removing the Provance ITAM 2014/2016 Management Packs and software.

Warning: Removing the Provance management packs from the SCSM Management server will also remove the data structures (classes and tables) from the CMDB that were created by the related management packs. This will also remove any data stored in the Provance classes/tables.

It is not possible to “roll-back” to the previous version of the management packs.

Before beginning, you may wish to make a backup of your SCSM CMDB database and SCSM DW database, as well as any unsealed management packs and Import Templates. These procedure will not remove the Provance Data Management (DMP) management packs.


Procedure A

1) Launch the Provance ITAM 2014/2016 Setup.

2) Click Change, Repair or Remove Features of Provance Products for System Center Service Manager.

3) Uncheck IT Asset Management:

4) Click Next.

5) Click Next on the Verify prerequisites dialogue. The Installation Summary page opens.

6) Click Close.

7) Verify that Management Packs have been removed by launching the SCSM Administrative Console. Should any Provance ITAM 2014/2016 management packs remain, proceed to Procedure B.

Procedure B

If some or all of the Provance ITAM 2014 Management have not been removed, attempt the following:

1) Navigate to Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features.

2) If Provance ITAM 2014 or Provance 2016 for System Center Service Manager is still listed, select Provance 2014/Provance 2016 for System Center Service Manager and click Uninstall on the menu.

3) Click Yes to confirm the uninstall.

If Procedure B fails to remove the remaining Provance ITAM 2014/2016 Management Packs, this may be due to dependencies between management packs. The following warning indicates this situation. Procedure C may be necessary to completely remove the Provance ITAM 2014/2016 management packs.

Procedure C

In this procedure, the remaining management packs will have to be removed manually. The following list is a list of all of the Provance ITAM 2014/2016 Management Packs in the order in which they should be removed. Depending on your situation, some of the management packs may have been successfully removed. This is a list of all possible management packs, so not all will necessarily apply to your situation.

1) Navigate to the Administration/Management Packs menu in the SCSM Administrative Console.

2) Select a management pack and click Delete.

3) Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

4) Refresh the console ( it may take a minute or 2 for the workflows to delete the management packs).

Unsealed Management Packs 

  • Any Custom Management packs that depend on Provance Management Packs; 
  • Provance Asset Service Request Configuration; 
  • Provance Common Configuration; 
  • Provance Test Data Library;

Sealed Management Packs 

  • Provance Asset BFA Report Library; 
  • Provance Asset BFA Datawarehouse Library; 
  • Provance Asset BFA Library; 
  • Provance Asset Report Library; 
  • Provance Common Report Library; 
  • Provance Asset Service Request; 
  • Provance Asset UI Sample Projections; 
  • Provance Asset Datawarehouse Library; 
  • Provance Asset Enterprise UI Library; 
  • Provance Asset UI Library; 
  • Provance Common Datawarehouse Library; 
  • Provance Asset Library; 
  • Provance Common Library